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September 27, 2023

Leveraging Patient Data and AI for Life Science Product Launches

In an era characterized by the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence, the life sciences industry is undergoing a profound evolution. The convergence of integrated patient data and medically smart AI technologies has become indispensable for the successful launch of innovative life science products. In this webinar, a distinguished panel of experts will delve into the pivotal roles these advancements are playing within Commercial, Medical Affairs, HEOR & RWE.

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April 26, 2023

Patient Data: Emerging Opportunities for Rare Diseases, Cell & Gene Therapies and Oncology

Patient data has the potential to transform all aspects of life sciences product development and commercialization. In this session, you will hear from the CEO of a cell and gene therapy company with a late-stage investigational therapeutic for a rare disease. He will present his perspectives on how patient data can be transformative for rare disease product development and commercialization. He will be joined by two additional expert panelists who will add their views on this evolving subject.

Discussion topics will evaluate the benefits of patient data for:

  • Rare Disease and Cell & Gene Therapy
  • New Product Launches
  • Commercial and Medical Affairs initiatives
  • Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs
  • Patient finding, HEOR and other use cases

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April 22, 2022

THE POWER OF PATIENT DATA: New Opportunities for Lifesciences

Over 2,100 registrants signed up to learn how patient data is disrupting life sciences product development and commercialization. The recording of THE POWER OF PATIENT DATA: New Opportunities for Life Sciences from Rare Patient Voice and Clinakos is now available on LinkedIn at This event is a must for pharma, biotech, medical affairs, MRX, HEOR, RWD, RWE, & clinical trials teams to leverage patient data, especially for oncology and rare diseases.

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August 23, 2021

Combining Patient Data with the Patient Voice: A Novel Approach

Companies spend billions of dollars on both procuring healthcare data and conducting market research with limited results. This problem is especially acute in oncology and rare diseases where patients are hard to find and their data is often lacking in syndicated or aggregated data sets. Recent technological and regulatory changes have enabled a novel approach to combine real world data and market research. Combining the patient’s actual medical data with their experience and opinions provides unique insights for pharma and market research and has the ability to enhance use cases such as chart audits, patient journeys, insights, HEOR, clinical trials, RWD and RWE. Join Clinakos and Rare Patient Voice on September 14th in hearing about real world examples of how this approach is transforming the world of healthcare data and market research as we know it. 

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Patient Persistence Solutions

Digital markers can help create personalized interactions with patients and HCPs in order to improve patient persistence on treatment. In today’s AMA Moving Medicine Podcast, Dr. Marie Brown says “We know that, if the patients don’t take their medicine, they’re never going to get their chronic conditions under control.” Check out the video below to see how Clinakos Inc. is impacting thousands of patients’ lives and several pharma franchises by creating personalized digital markers for treatment persistence.

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