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Breaking Barriers for Commercialization in Life Sciences

Product commercialization poses an array of challenges for pharmaceutical and life science companies. These include:

  • Navigating regulatory approval and formulary acceptance
  • Ensuring proper patient selection for treatments
  • Enhancing patient adherence to treatment
  • Market monitoring and competitive intelligence
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Customer Testimonials

❝ For biotechs with finite resources, launching drugs for diseases where prior experience is limited, Integrated Patient Level Data and AI Assisted Insights is the smart way to launch new products. ❞

Rare Disease Life Science Company CEO

Differentiated Solutions

Patient Journeys

From diagnosis and at all stages of treatment and post-treatment surveillance, our patient level data trail traces every step of their journey – from what type of facility is visited, to what types of healthcare professionals are seen at each location, what prescriptions are issued and which ones are changed.
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Launch Support

The data supplied by Clinakos is your supporting information needed to launch new products to the right audience at the right time.

Patient Drop-Off / Discontinuation & Switching Analyses

Whether from changes in medical status, changes in prescribers, or patient compliance, Clinakos’ real time data flow indicates exactly when changes in prescriptions and dosages occur. This includes not only when the patient discontinued treatment, but also to which treatments the patient switched.
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Patient and Physician Insights

Combined data presents our ‘Patient 360’ view and insights into the habits and preferences of practitioners and prescribers, a key to fine tuning product launch and maintenance through the life cycle.

Patient Finding

For exceptionally rare diseases, patients using your product can be identified and visualized within a larger context than prescription drug therapy alone. When finding an aggregate amount of patients, Clinakos’ reach into vast amounts of de-identified patient information alleviates the sometimes search for a selection of data on patients with rare conditions.
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