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We enable Connected Health HIPAA Compliant AI/ML Real World Data/Evidence Patient Centricity Real-Time Insights Patient Adherence Improved Outcomes Smart Patient Registries

We are on a mission to transform healthcare through data and advanced analytic techniques to deliver precision care, enhanced outcomes, and patient well-being.


Clinakos’ unique platform leverages vast amounts of disconnected health data to power patient care. It curates historical and real time healthcare data from hundreds of primary sources, links it together for each patient and generates meaningful insights using cognitive technology.


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Our expertise combines deep medical experience and state of the art technology knowledge. We are a passionate team of MDs, PharmDs, PhDs, data scientists, and technologists driven to make a difference to healthcare and life sciences through the use of data and advanced analytics.

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Connected Intelligent RWD/RWE Cloud

Our one of a kind, cloud platform consolidates a patient’s complete medical and behavioral profile through aggregating their medication, lab, genomic, device, EMR and wearable data to create complete and linkable Patient360 profiles.

HIPAA Compliant AI/ML Platform

We apply our deep expertise in medically smart artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics techniques in a HIPAA compliant manner for healthcare and biopharma clients to deliver insights otherwise not possible with de-identified approaches.

Secure PHI Environment

Our  HIPAA/HITECH compliant platform follows the strictest privacy and security controls to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements from a multitude of governmental and non-governmental organizations for Patient Healthcare Information handling.


Award Winning Cloud SaaS Offerings

Our turnkey cloud platform, offered as SaaS, conveniently integrates with our clients’ business processes & existing data assets.

Support Research and Patient Outcomes

We enable Providers, Payers & Life Science Companies to optimize health outcomes for Patients. Our platform enhances Precision Medicine, Medication Management, Clinical Trial Support, Long Term Observational Studies, and Patient Registries.

Enable Sales & Marketing for Patient Success

We help our clients bring precision and patient centricity to their sales, marketing and commercialization initiatives. We enable effective programs including Patient Support, Adherence, New Product Launches, and more.

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Our therapeutic expertise includes immuno-oncology, oncology, immunology, rare diseases,
respiratory, as well as cardiovascular & metabolic diseases. We serve some of the largest Life
Science Companies, Providers, and Payers.

  • Are you looking to deliver Precision Medicine and Care for your patients?
  • Are you struggling with the new world of value-based care?
  • Are you looking to understand an individual patient’s treatment across the care continuum?
  • Are you looking to ensure optimal patient response to therapy?
  • Are you looking to leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to avoid high cost events, improve performance and maximize reimbursement?

Our programs in Medication Management, Adherence, Precision Medicine, Outcomes Management and Oncology Management are here for you. Want to know more?

  • Are you looking to leverage the 21st Century Cures Act?
  • Are you seeking to take advantage of meaningful Real World Evidence (RWE) to establish the efficacy and value of your product?
  • Are you looking for deeper insights into comparative effectiveness, market dynamics, patient adherence predictors, and more with access to targeted condition cohorts?
  • Are you struggling to link patient data streams coming out of varied sources including patient registries, support programs, clinical trials, and claims data?
  • What if you could use predictive models like biomarkers to pre-emptively screen and more effectively target patients who are more likely to respond to your drug in trials and in practice?

We have significant experience working with a variety of Life Science Clients. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

  • Are you looking to understand populations and risks, collaborate with providers, and create accountability based on outcomes?
  • Are you looking to implement bundled payments for outcomes-based and risk-sharing agreements?
  • Are you looking to manage your costs and enhance ROI?
  • Are you looking to link outcomes to value, using relevant data and metrics for understanding risk and tracking performance?

Do you want to find out more about our programs in Connected Health including Patient Engagement, Medication Management, Adherence and Outcomes Management?

We partner with leading management consulting and technology firms, who benefit from the Clinakos’ Connected Intelligent Data Cloud. Our platform provides significant opportunities to create and capture value for both potential partners and their clients.

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