Healthcare Provider Solutions

On the front lines of treatment, providers in single or group practices, in large or regional healthcare systems and hospital settings are seeking information on emerging diseases, trends in patient populations, forthcoming types of treatment and updates on current therapies.
Through our commitment to advancing healthcare through smart use of data technology and subsequent analytics, we provide a basis for smart decision making to meet the changing healthcare environment for all phases of provider-to-patient interaction.
Healthcare Provider Solutions

Supporting Superior Outcomes through Unique Data and Advanced Analytics

Healthcare Provider Solutions

Beyond Data: Maximizing Treatment Adherence and Minimizing Patient Drop-Offs

Cinakos believes that patient adherence means more than simple reminders. Our solution is driven by actionable digital markers specific to the patient, prescriber/HCP, drug, insurance/PBM, pharmacy environments and more. We begin by curating data and leveraging medically smart AI/ML to spotlight specific core issues, and provide actionable information to significantly improve adherence to treatment.

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