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Supporting Clinical Development through Unique Data and Advanced Analytics

Clinical Development is where it all begins. In the cycle of product research and development, launch, market adoption, competitive pressures/regulatory issues, and HEOR-generated feedback for subsequent product evaluation, refinement and life cycle determination, Clinical Development’s challenge is to produce optimally performing products with best market adoption in all appropriate treatment environments.

Clinical Development

Customer Testimonials

❝ I think finding the patients both for clinical trial recruitment, or post launch, we can [use] these types of tools very efficiently. And why this is going to be more important for rare diseases, especially when it comes to small biotech companies that have finite resources. ❞

Rare Disease Life Science Company CEO

Supporting Clinical Development through Unique Data and Advanced Analytics

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Synthetic Trial Arms

Rare diseases present a particular challenge in simply locating enough patients to assemble the amount of data required to start development towards an effective drug therapy. But Clinakos’ reach into widely dispersed, unstructured data presents crucial information on these approximately 7,000 diseases, resulting in cogent datasets for rare research. Synthetic trial arms offer a point of reference without the expense and time spent on conventionally produced study arms for obtaining valid results for research.

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Clinical Trial Support

From providing a confirmation of diagnosis of potential clinical trial patients to examining if potential trial sites have sufficient patient populations to helping design trial data elements, Clinakos helps our customers have successful and cost-efficient clinical trials.

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Real World Evidence Generation

Being able to see what is going on with a trial cohort in the real world is useful for showing any further impacts of treatment or as a requirement for post-trial surveillance. Clinakos provides real time, fit for purpose real world data that can be used to help meet the regulatory needs of our clients.

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