Webinar Replay: Combining Patient Data with the Patient Voice: A Novel Approach

Clinakos and Rare Patient Voice’s webinar was one of Pharmavoice’s most attended webinars of the year. This webinar covered recent technological and regulatory changes that have enabled a novel approach to combing real world data with market research. Combining the patient’s actual medical data with their experience and opinions provides unique insights for pharma and market research and has the ability to enhance use cases such as chart audits, patient journeys, insights, HEOR, clinical trials, RWD and RWE.

The talk describes a potential method to link patient records across thousands of data sources through a common data model to yield high data accuracy and fidelity. Coverage includes generating Fit-For-Use Auditable data with longitudinal patient records integrated with PROs and Patient Surveys. It also includes approaches where the use of AI and Machine Learning can be leveraged for many current RWE use cases.
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