Learnings from HIMMS Global Health Conference 2024

HIMMS, Clinakos, Medically Smart AI, Integrated Patient Data

🌐 Over 35,000 leaders from 30 different countries are attending HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, which kicked off on March 11th and will continue to inspire until March 15th. Clinakos Inc. is thrilled to be part of this action.

Meanwhile, here are a few themes we have seen at the conference and our meetings at HIMSS.

🌟AI/GenAi: AI is not just a buzzword, it is a game-changer. Every organization we met has AI initiatives in place or are considering them. The possibilities are endless. Every healthcare function from patient care to pre-authorization is under review. Our own conversations with current and potential customers have seen a significant uptick in activity in this space.

🌟Patient Data:  Patient data is the fuel for all the current work on AI. Almost everyone we talked to is desperate for good-quality longitudinal patient data. Integrated Patient Data matched around a single patient is key to much AI work. Curating all the patient histories including labs, EMR records, prescriptions, social determinants of health and other records is a key enabler.

🌟Experience matters:  While many technology vendors are eager to apply new AI technologies including Gen AI to healthcare and life sciences, most of these initiatives will fail. Healthcare is a very unique animal and it takes multi-faceted and experienced teams of MDs, PharmDs, and other healthcare professionals collaborating with data scientists which makes all the difference.

Join us as we explore these critical topics and contribute to shaping a healthier, more inclusive future. Reach out if you are here and we can set up a time to talk.

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